Meritum Capital – Accumulator

The Meritum Capital – Accumulator is a multi asset fund aiming at a positive return after inflation. Therefore the fund has the flexibility to vary its investment quota and risk profile according to capital markets. The fund management is allowed to take advantage of different asset classes (i.e. stocks, bonds or commodities) and instruments such as actively managed funds, exchange traded funds or direct investments (mainly in case of government bonds).
In short: Any opportunity to generate a return within a moderate overall portfolio risk shall be taken.

Therefore a long term portfolio is constructed consisting of best possible uncorrelated assets. Fund management also has some degree of tactical freedom. As money is faster lost than made risk management is a central part of the process. This also means that within increasing markets and valuations a cash position can be built. Should markets suffer a harsh decline and valuations get depressed on back of a bad investor sentiment the investment quota can be increased and therefore also the risk profile. The funds value based philosophy should lead to a contrarian risk profile. To not encourage fund management to take more risks than necessary no performance fee is charged and the overall fee structure is set as fair as possible. Hence, the fund can serve best possible as a long term core holding.

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