Meritum Capital Managers is a German investment boutique focusing on the advisory and management of investment funds. The company was founded by Jan Meister being supported by further capital providers and is fully equity funded. The board of the company is supported by an investment council. The investment council is defined in the articles of association and has an advisory role serving the directors and enhancing the know-how of the company. This way external independent and specific cross sector know-how is won. As a small company with a clear focus Meritum Capital aims at providing and managing product solutions that are best possible aligned with client interests. Our investment philosophy is based and on in-depth fundamental analysis joined by a high degree of flexibility and fair fees.

Meritum Capital follows some important fundamental principals building the foundation of all its products:

  • Fund management invests a relevant amount of its own money in its product reflecting the aims and risk profile of the product in an appropriate manner.
  • Fund management will at all times be based on fundamental analysis and estimates. Pure quantitative models will therefore be neglected.
  • All products shall have sufficient flexbility in their investment restrictions to allow a best possible performance within different investment cycles.
  • All products shall have a fair fee struture which is aligned with its risk profile and ensures a strong long term performance.
  • Meritum Capital will always base its strategy on proprietary and independent research and execute in best possible client interests.

Meritum Capital Managers GmbH is registerd in the companies register of Frankfurt am Main and is licensed to conduct fund advisory and fund management by the German financial services authority (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht).